Research Portal

Welcome to the Çatalhöyük Research Portal. This is a space where researchers from around the world can access our database, excavation archives, photography, illustrations and video record.

The information stored in our portal is detailed below.

Project Database

Here you can find our primary archaeological data in the form of unit sheets, diaries, lab data and associated excavation records.

Archive Reports

Here you can find links to our Archive Reports, produced each year to summarise the activities, finds and interpretations of each team and excavation area.


A list covering the main publications related to Çatalhöyük.


Here you can find our illustration archive featuring the work of the project’s archaeological illustrators across its history.


Here you can find our photographic portfolio and links to the project’s Flickr account.


Here you can find videos produced by the project. You can also view some videos on the project’s YouTube page.

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